Monday, December 21, 2020

Fire and Water

What is flame? 

Is it burning air?

Should One wonder?

Should any One care?

The infusement of Ether 

Ablaze to witness

Inspires one truly

About human sickness

Sickness unspecific

Not central nor whole

But sporadic, yet powerful

Paid out on the dole 

We absorb and we share

Truths? Ha, irrelevant

To say this and that

...Nothing elegant 

The aim is to fight 

Divide, conquer and suppress

Viewpoints that empower 

Better, apparently, to be under duress

No! The Self screams

Somehow, I know

That this is impossible 

To bury Self so

It is impossible... 

Indeed and because 

The Self is stronger 

Than any one cause 

Cause for question, anger,

Frustration, disdain

As natural and relevant 

As snowfall or rain

But water does fall, 

Diverse in its structure 

An inevitability no power

Over which we can muster 

H2O’s amorphous nature

Doesn’t end civilization

Because we know how

To move with creation

So as we create 

And recall sovereignty

Let us also remember 

That it’s just you and me

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