Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020...the year for new (or re)vision

This year ends with a full moon, which seems fitting, somehow. 

I spent my birthday on the 20th driving around the mountains of West Virginia, where I purchased a little plot of land in Hardy County earlier this year. I pulled over by the river Cacapon (‘healing waters’ in the native language) to take off my shoes, walk barefoot through the snow, and stand in the ice-cold, eastern-flow of the ancient tributary. Something I may not share with everyone, obviously. 
How'd you spend your birthday?!


But it felt correct. I have been connecting with the natural world more and more of late as part of a reset of sorts. It feels like some sort of "a great reset"...

I plan on opening a business in Moorefield, WV in 2021. My father was born in Charleston, I have some land in Lost River, and the mountains pull at me. When I can, I spend much of my free time driving around exploring...and even meeting new people, which is something I have not exactly felt drawn to do recently. West Virginia has been a saving grace in many ways. 

This Great Quieting has been interesting, and it feels to me an almost inevitable thing. The world needed a pause, as we have collectively been on a rather strange trajectory for quite a while now in terms of the shared human experience. I pray that Good ultimately comes from it.

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