Sunday, July 26, 2020

My Belief in Making

I’ve been between the no and the yes
So often it has brought distress
But of a sort that brings comfort too
Praise God, The What, and The Who.

My mind has attached so much to brain
That observing often brings disdain 
Yet human animals are beings as well
From Earth, from Heaven, and from Hell.

But these realms number more than three
And it’s becoming more clear to me
The reality, created, by us all
Is not one, nor the other, nor them all.

For how we live, and think, and Be
Of Earth, of Heaven, of Hell or Thee
Only serves to further the aims we have
So make your intentions a healing salve.

It’s not vital to focus on the Now
Sometimes one does not know how
But focusing only on after-Life 
Allows unnecessary continued strife.

Strife is annoying - it bites and yells
It makes the Earth appear as Hell
So remember that Heaven can also be
Not tomorrow, not sometime, but here (Now) for Thee.

Each point of reflection that we maintain
Light beyond words, or whims of Brain
Is a realm ever-changing, unique to Be
Rooted and growing in sovereignty. 

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