Saturday, May 2, 2020


I think I am much better
Than how I used to be
The issue is my friends are gone
And a tree.

The tree is very soothing
It listens and it speaks
It heals and cares and expels air
Much higher than its reach.

For its branches and its trunk
Are barely half the story
While I've felt my mind has shrunk
It enriches in full glory

The roots go so much further
Than upturned balls will tell
Heaven in its nurture
While air, sea, land scream hell

We may not yet comprehend
The damage that we cause
But revelations come regardless
Of callousness or pause

The tree is a good friend
Much smarter than myself
It holds so many things in place
Without respect or help

Speaking many languages
To many forms of life
Connected to the world wide web
All creatures and all strife

You see a tree is not just
An individual above the ground
It is the entire forest
Air, dirt, shrooms, and sounds.

Sure the tree could grow alone
And try to fill your lungs
But better with its ancient ones
Undisturbed in their functions

So I realize I may stand alone
If alone to stand I choose
But like a tree, the forest calls
To heal, to love, to soothe.