Friday, September 28, 2018

Sovereignty, Om

This morning as I was driving, The Beatles' "Across the Universe" came on the speaker as a random play mode consequence. The words "nothing is going to change my world..." - ones that had previously signified an apathetic if not negative outlook on life - triggered something in me. For the first time, I understood the song in a near-reverse way. The words are beautiful.

What is your world? Is it the planet Earth which provides all living materials, nourishment, and life to life? That is certainly a thing to cherish and care for.

"Jai Guru Dev, Om" is the refrain, a mantra intended to bring higher consciousness to the mind. The Sanskrit literally translates to 'glory to the shining remover of darkness'. But, in modern context, because The Maharashi - whom The Beatles famously visited and practiced Transcendental Meditation with - spoke it in reverence to his spiritual teacher, it translates to "all glory to the divine teacher" or "all glory to Guru Dev".

"Nothing is going to change my world."

If we consider our world as our reality, conscious experience, waking life - it may be a thing that we do want to change. This is not the reality I currently want - I can barely get through the day - how awful to think that nothing will change it!

"Jai Guru Dev, Om"

We know there are diverse elements to life. Good, Evil, Brightness, Darkness, Ease, Challenge. But what if our World was our sense of Self? Our sovereignty.

Across philosophies and religions, histories and cultures, there is a concept of some thing that approximates what English vernacular would call 'Enlightenment' - whether this is self-realization or a merging with The Divine can be interpreted individually. Certain yoga traditions describe it as The Absolute, and a number of New Age (and Old Age) thinkers practice 'moving beyond' or 'letting go of' the Self, or Ego (which are arguably not the same thing, or at least not one and the same thing). Nearly all religious belief includes a concept of prayer. Thank God. We need it now.

I pray sometimes, and it is great. But, right now the one thing every one has no matter their circumstances? Their Self. Beyond what the mind sees and the heart feels, there is still more. Call it the inner light which perceives reality, a connection with Spirit, Divine Spark, Soul - it is your sovereignty as a conscious being. It is your world. And to know nothing is going to change that? That is beautiful.

Jai Guru Dev, Om.