Monday, April 27, 2015

Metal Garbage

"No thanks," the seemingly homeless man said to me when I offered him an organic dark chocolate.

I had handed him some quarters and pennies from my pocket, which I had planned to do. I had planned to encounter a seemingly homeless person on my way out of the metro. 

I had, in fact, purposely taken the exit to the opposite side of the street from where I needed to be, so that - should there not be someone asking for money there - I could cross back to the other side...the one where my actual destination was. It was a plan designed for the highest chance of encounter. One that was motivated by change in my pocket. 

Metal garbage I wanted to discard. 

I had bought two pieces of chocolate previously at a shop near where I had just been, when, after rounding a block in search of someone upon whom I could discard my metal garbage, and not encountering anyone asking for money, I thought, "World Market sells register-side chocolates for change!"...this was to have been my method of ridding myself of the metal garbage.

But the chocolates were just too much and not quite enough as to make it possible to offload my metal garbage, so I spent another dollar instead.

"98 cents, please." 
"Keep the change."

I got on the metro towards my next stop, planning the criss-cross with my exit as to maximize my chances of encountering a seemingly homeless person. I ate one of the chocolates.

"Something friendly and nice!" said a seated gentleman to me as I skipped up the non-moving escalator into gray daylight. He wanted me to purchase an issue of Street Sense newspaper. I handed my metal garbage to him instead and offered my other chocolate. He looked defeated and declined.

I do not feel generous. 

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