Friday, May 30, 2014

On Sovereignty

We are sometimes very different depending on who is around us. Yet, however 'insincere' we may feel coming away from an encounter with another, whatever 'face' we showed, was one of ours...whatever personality we exhibited was from within us. The notion of being 'fake' is an interesting one, because even when someone is dishonest, they are still - always - themselves. Stories may be true or untrue, things may or may not exist, but people are hard to question...and they always have truth within them.

For instance, if someone says they are European royalty and own a fleet of expensive cars, and they're not and they don't, even though what they say is not true, the fact that they lie - and what they felt important and worth lying about - reveals some part of their greater truth.

I talk about being 'sovereign'. I write that I espouse self-realization. The two are very connected.
I'm realizing how vital it is to honor oneself, one's intuition and one's spiritual, social and intellectual needs. I should say perhaps that I've realized this before - have been in the process of 'realizing' it for a while - and am simply continuing in the process. I've found that when I don't act upon the aforementioned things, undesirable moments are more likely to happen.

A fascinating thought is that it is not out of personal dignity or want for best-case scenarios that one should be sovereign (although of course those are motivations) but out of necessity and self-preservation.

What is personal sovereignty? I would say it includes some of the following:
  • Avoiding and alleviating situations that threaten wellbeing (physical and spiritual)
  • Seeking stimulation
  • Requiring respect as a precursor to being in a relationship of any variety (romantic, friendship, social or group gathering), and only being in relationships where you can honestly give respect
  • Not requiring unfair or imbalanced generosity from others to sustain your needs
  • Being honest about yourself and to yourself
When you act and are seeking to be sovereign, you are in a place of strength, and you are then better able to love. I try and always be honest, not only with others but with myself. I am more sovereign than I was yesterday, and realizing how much more I can be...myself. And that is as it should be. The truth is of course that self-realization is an ongoing process and part of the continuing journey.

I wrote earlier this month about the idea of success. I questioned what it meant. I think true success is sovereignty. Being sovereign and allowing for and respecting sovereignty in others; and, the understanding that these are mutually reinforcing objectives. Not only having knowledge of this, but consciously acting and making choices based on that knowledge, I think is the best way to find and celebrate moments of real stimulation, joy and truth. These are the most valuable treasure for any individual's kingdom.

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