Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Love Based on Truth

I want that intangible,
The je ne sais quois,
I want to be free,
Adored from afar –

I realize I find,
A well deep… unfilled,
When I consider the Self,
While in other arms held -

Through mirrors I see,
All that I could lack,
What would and what should,
As jealous lips smack –

And so I must learn,
Accept and confront,
Time brings forth the needs,
Limited not by one’s wants –

Through this the Self’s taught,
By trial - ebb, flow, and misstep,
That fear alone can bring,
Bitterness… cliché regret –

A love based on truth,
Not lustful or petty,
To ask myself , how?
I feel not quite ready –

It seems as though love,
Like books on a shelf,
With ease - wears and tears,
Not so for the Self –

How in, another’s arms,
Can we still evolve?
If the Self’s journey be blinded,
Restricted by love –

Yet if I don’t love,
I think that I am cursed,
But I know this so truly:
I must love Self first.